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Select your membership plan
Add your preferred plan to your cart and get Bachat Club prices right away
1 month
6 Months
12 Months
How do I join the Smart Bachat Club?
To be a Smart Bachat Club member and enjoy shopping at wholesale prices, just add a membership plan to your cart. The membership will last till the duration of the plan. You can then purchase another plan before the end of your current plan to continue shopping at Bachat Club prices. Bachat Club membership can be bought using Cash on Delivery option in the latest Android app & Website only.
Is the fee recurring?
Fee is not recurring, which means that you don't authorize us to charge you continuously (month-on-month). If you wish to renew or extend your membership, you can do so by buying an additional membership plan.
Are all products available under the Smart Bachat Club?
Currently all of the most popular products and brands are available for you to enjoy shopping at wholesale prices. We are constantly adding more products to the Smart Bachat Club.
How do I cancel my membership and get the refund?
You can choose to cancel your membership from your Grofers app and get a refund (as Grofers cash) for your membership amount anytime during your membership period. You can visit your club membership account by clicking the main menu on the top left of your Grofers app. You'll find an option to extend or end your club membership.
How do I renew my membership?
You can buy an additional membership plan to extend or renew the duration of your current membership.
Is the membership fee final?
Membership plans are currently offered at introductory prices and are liable to change at Grofers' discretion. In case of any updation in the membership fee, you don't have to pay anything extra for your ongoing plan. However, the plan renewals will happen at updated prices only.
Can I place an order using Cash on Delivery with this membership?
To purchase the membership plan and the products at wholesale prices, you can use Cash on Delivery on the latest Android app & Website. Once you have purchased the membership and the products then you can pay for orders with any payment option.
Can I club Grofers cashback, wallet offers, bank offers, etc with my orders during this membership?
Yes, you can enjoy both wholesale prices and other offers that are available on the Grofers platform from time to time. Some coupons and offers might have certain restrictions. Please refer to the offer T&C.
Can I pay for the membership from my existing Grofers cash balance and Sodexo coupons?
You can choose to pay for your Smart Bachat Club membership with your Grofers cash balance. However, you can't pay for this membership with Sodexo coupons.
Is Smart Bachat Club available on Android or iOS app?
Smart Bachat Club membership is available on all platforms on latest versions.
Is lowest prices challenge applicable on club prices?
Yes, we guarantee lowest prices on certain products available on the Grofers platform.
Is 150% refund on item missing applicable on club membership orders?
Yes, you are eligible for a 150% refund in case an item is missing in your order.
Am I eligible for quicker order delivery than normal with this membership?
Not currently.
What is the maximum number of orders that I can place during the membership period?
There is no limit to the number of order that you can place on the Grofers platform.
Can I use Simpl during the membership and use the postpaid facility?
Yes, you can choose to pay later for your order using Simpl.
What is the minimum order value for free delivery? My total cart value will be calculated on club prices or normal prices?
If you are a member of the Smart Bachat Club, the total cart value will be calculated on the club prices.
What is the validity of Smart Bachat Club membership?
Smart Bachat Club membership can be bought for a period of 1 month (31 days), 6 months (186 days) and 12 months (365 days). Membership expires at midnight on the last day of your membership period. For Ahmedabad Only: Smart Bachat Club membership can be bought for a period of 1 month (31 days) and 3 months (93 days).
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