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Looking for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to run their own omni-channel retail supermarkets. We offer a hassle-free supply chain setup and ongoing support to manage them. Customers benefit by getting the best prices everyday – online and offline

grow your earnings
grow your earnings
  • quick breakeven
  • 60% return on investment
ease of doing business
ease of doing business
  • once store is set up, we take you live quickly
  • hassle-free supply chain set-up to easily run and manage online and offline grocery store
support we offer 
support we offer 
  • training on store and inventory management
  • 24-hour stocking and replenishment through grofers’ network
  • the use of our PoS, delivery management and order management technology
  • ground floor commercial property with 1500 - 2500 sq ft. carpet area
  • minimum 15 ft. of store frontage/branding visibility
  • easy parking for customer vehicles and supply truck
  • store manager, biller and support staff
  • home delivery staff
  • daily commitment to run the store professionally
  • total investment of ₹30 lakhs to ₹45 lakhs
  • store set up cost ~₹10 lakhs + brand fee ₹5 lakhs
  • monthly working capital
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frequently asked questions
what is the duration of the partnership agreement?

The agreement is for 3 years + 1 year automatic renewal, post which we will extend it based on the store performance, at no additional fee

what is the total investment?

It will cost you about ₹35-55 lacs (including set up, brand fee, working capital), depending on the size of the store

how much is the brand fee? Is it refundable?

It is ₹5 lakh plus 18% GST. This is a non refundable amount valid for the lifetime of the store

who will maintain the staff and the store expenses?

This is a partner owned and operated model. You will bear all the operational expenses incurred at the store including rental, manpower, electricity and store marketing among others

how will the stock be procured?

The grofers inventory management tool will provide a real time visibility of the store inventory and the supply chain logistics together with the supply partners will ensure stock fulfillment

how will the payments be made?

Customer payments will be directly collected by you at the store for all offline sales and COD on online sales. For online payments received for sales through the app, grofers will settle them with you periodically

does grofers charge a service fee?

Yes, we will charge a royalty fee of ~2% on offline sales and ~5% on online sales for all the services that we provide you, both online and offline

can a partner have more than one store?

Yes, but we would like to start and run the first store with the partner for 3-6 months before committing to the second one

can I convert my existing store into a grofers market?

No, we are looking to build new stores

how will grofers help my store in marketing & promotion?

A team at grofers will take care of all the online marketing and promotions for your store. For offline, the team will provide you with the designs and guidelines on execution, however you will invest in and execute all the local marketing activities yourself

what is the territory's exclusivity?

We maintain at least a 3 to 4 kilometers travelling distance (1km radius) between 2 stores

how much coverage area will the partners get for the online delivery?

It depends on the population density and variables based on the store’s capacity to serve. Our team will let you know once we have more information from you

I have no experience in running a retail or grocery business, am I eligible?

Yes, you don’t need any past experience, we just need you to share our passion for customer excellence and run the store according to predefined guidelines

For more information, write to us at or speak to us at +918047185849