Desi Ghee – An important ingredient used for cooking healthy food

In this world full of automation, we all neglect our health by eating unhealthy food just for the sake of our taste and laziness. This deteriorates our health in all possible ways. To live a healthily life we should eat healthy food and one of the main constituents that is involved in a healthy diet is Ghee.

Two main types of Ghee are:

Desi Ghee: Desi Ghee is a favourite ingredient used in most Indian households. In spite of adding taste and flavour to the dishes, it provides many health benefits. It helps boosts digestion, helps in weight loss, strengthens immunity and also balances the hormones. It is also believed to be an ancient remedy for cold and cough. Desi Ghee price is comparatively higher than Vanaspati.

Vanaspati: Vanaspati Ghee is a cheaper substitute for desi ghee. It is widely used in cooking for deep-frying and to saute foods. It has many benefits like it helps balance excess stomach acid, prevents blisters, improves mental functioning.

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