• Love your Chamomile and Mint tea bags? Love dipping them into that warm cup of tea and relishing the lovely aroma and taste? Well, you know what? You can use the tea bags beyond the teacups. That’s right!

    Read on to know how!

    Time to make it aromatic: 

    Teabags are great as odor repellents and room fresheners. Add a few drops of essential oil to the used tea bags and hang them in your bedroom, study, or car and get yourself an organic air freshener. You can also place the tea bags at the bottom of the garbage bins or inside the refrigerator and neutralize any household odors. You could also open the tea bags and sprinkle the tea leaves on carpets and rugs for a bit to deodorize them.

     Buddy for your Kitchen garden:

     The used tea bags are also anti-fungal and act as nutrients for your kitchen garden. Add the tea bags to your watering can to protect your plants from any fungal infections or open up the tea bags and add them to the compost for some extra nutrient boost. 

    A secret beauty ingredient:  

    Love a home pedicure or manicure? Dip the used tea bags in the warm water and get smooth skin. You can also add the tea bags to your bathwater for an antioxidant and aromatic bath. Another interesting trick can be to brew the used tea bags and use the water to rinse your hair for extra conditioning.

    Shine to your household cleaning: 

    Is your kitchen sink full of greasy dishes? The tea bags come to your rescue again. Add the tea bags to a bowl of water and soak the greasy dishes in it before washing. Not just that, if cleaning the glass surfaces is on your task list, tea bags can be your perfect mate. Brew the used tea bags and make the homemade glass cleaner. The same doubles as a polish for your wooden furniture.

    So, there you go! Enjoy that cup of tea, but don’t throw the teabag. Store the used teabags in a box and get a multi-purpose organic product for all kinds of use around the house.

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