• The coronavirus pandemic has impacted the daily lives of billions across the globe. From shutting down of schools, offices and public spaces to practicing social distancing in the few situations we are stepping out, to incorporating new habits like washing hands ever so often – we have all made changes to our routines and how we function. 

    We, at Grofers, have also stepped up to update many of our processes to make sure we’re doing the right thing to get your essentials delivered to your doorstep safely and hygienically. 

    In line with the WHO recommendations, our processes include frequent sanitisation of our warehouse facilities and crates, regular temperature checks of all our delivery partners, medical help for our partners and offering Zero-Touch Delivery service for customers in sealed sterilised bags. 

    While we take all necessary actions at our end, we wanted to share with you certain steps you can take at your home to complete the loop and fight the battle to prevent further spread of the virus – protecting yourself and your loved ones.

    Here are some simple but effective things you can do:

    1. Make sure to wash canned goods and other packaged food, before you store them in your refrigerator.

    2. Try to avoid reusing disposable bags. In the case of cloth bags you might have in your home, do wash the same with detergent or soap ever so often to reuse them.

    3. Make sure you also clean the surface where the grocery bag or the groceries were kept. 

    4. The moment you are done with these steps, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and then proceed with the rest of your day.

    Sanitising your groceries is as important as sanitising your hands. So, while you avoid contact with people outside your home and buy groceries & essentials online, make sure you also clean them thoroughly. 

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