• Dhruv is one of our first employees and our first ‘sales guy’. He is currently AVP Sales and is responsible for getting awesome stores to sell their products on the Grofers app. Here’s what he has to say about the first two deals he closed.

    Someone said, “If we want to make money, we need to sell something.”

    When I started working at Grofers, I wanted to sell convenience. As of date, Grofers has more than 70 sales people and ~8,000 merchants who sell products across multiple categories on the app. People buy products on the app and enjoy the convenience of getting it delivered to their homes or offices.

    In July of 2014, I was setting up operations in Delhi, trying to build a sales team from scratch, delivering products when we had low manpower, and whenever I had time, I pitched to merchants the idea to outsource their consumers’ deliveries to us.
    Grofers standee at Daily Delite
    The first store I approached was a grocery store in north Delhi – ‘Daily Delite’. I met the owner Tushar, a young businessman who aspired to turn his stand-alone store into a city-wide chain. After a 2-hour long discussion about his aspirations and challenges, I proposed a plan to address his problems of fulfilling the last mile logistics that his business needed. During our conversation, Tushar also pointed out the need to outsource the non-veg counter in his upcoming store to a meats/ seafood retailer but had no contacts in the industry as he was a vegetarian himself. I told him that I will help him resolve the same.
    Sardar meat shop
    The same day, I went to ‘Sardar Meat Shop’ in Ashok Vihar from where I had been buying chicken myself. I pitched the idea to open a rent-free store at a location in which they were not present only if they would agree to outsource their deliveries to us. The owner Karan jumped on to the idea and signed up with us. That was it! The first two store owners I met were onboard with us!

    Today, the biggest mistake that a sales person makes is that he pretends to not be a salesperson. He goes to a client and pretends that he is not there for business. With Karan and Tushar, I did not make this mistake. In fact, I provided solutions to both of them using my product. Not only did I close 2 deals but also earned the friendship of 2 very enthusiastic businessmen (read humans).