• Morning tea, evening tea, pre-meal tea, post-meal tea, study-time tea, guests-are-home tea – we Indians love tea round the clock, and tea faithfully loves us back. While all Indians have their own personal preference in terms of how they like their tea, we bring to you some of the best concoctions of tea leaves that mankind has ever brewed.

    Kashmiri Kahwa – India

    Kahwa is a traditional green tea preparation that enjoys wide popularity in the chilly Kashmir Valley. It is usually prepared by boiling kahwa leaves, cinnamon and cardamom in water. Almond bits are sprinkled on the top before serving.
    Kashmiri Kahwa

    Matcha – Japan

    Matcha is prepared using finely-ground, high-quality green tea leaves and is often served during Japanese tea ceremonies. It has a soft taste and looks very green due to high chlorophyll content. Its high theanine content is known to improve mental focus.
    Matcha tea

    Pu-erh tea – China

    Pu-erh tea is an aged dark tea that has a rather interesting brewing process. The tea leaves are packaged in bricks and balls, crumbled into the cup and then finally steeped in hot water.
    Pu-erh tea

    Yerba mate – Argentina

    With a tempting smoky flavour, Yerba mate is a vitamin-packed green tea that is widely consumed throughout South America. It can be served both hot and cold.
    Yerba mate tea

    Cha yen – Thailand

    Cha yen is Thailand’s version of iced milk tea, and we thank them for that! Just look at this tempting mug of deliciousness – don’t you want to just guzzle it down with your eyes?
    Cha-yen tea

    Cay tea – Turkey

    Brewed in a tricky two-chamber pot, Cay tea is as much a beauty to the eyes as it is a treat to your tastebuds. It gained popularity after World War I when coffee became quite expensive to import. It is now one of the most popular beverages of the country and is traditionally offered in tulip-shaped glasses that are held by the rim. This is done so because the tea is served boiling hot and this shape prevents the drinker’s fingertips from getting burnt.
    Cay tea

    So, next time you enter your kitchen looking for the ingredients for your dose of ambrosia, try out its other variants as well. Who knows? You might just end up with a new favourite!