• Ever had a fancy smoothie or milkshake outside and wondered how someone could ever make something that delicious? Well, milkshakes are not as difficult to make as you think, and you too can become a food wizard like the one who prepared your drink. Try making these at home and who knows, you might end up finding your ‘the one’.

    Strawberry milkshake

    Strawberry milkshake + Fresh strawberries + Ice-cream = Heaven!

    If you want to put heaven in a glass, simply blend strawberries and milk together and top up with fruits and ice cream till it serves your fancy.

    Blueberry smoothie

    Blueberries are always a delight and you can always pack a health punch by adding some cereal and fresh fruits to them. Just whip up some greek yoghurt with blueberries and serve it with subsequent layering of cereal and fruits! Your blueberry smoothie is ready to be gazed upon, and then relished once you are done admiring its indulgent beauty.

    Cookies and cream milkshake

    Chocolate cookies, ice-cream and chocolate syrup in milk? This surely looks like the perfect destination for every chocolate lover. Just blend milk with cookies and cream, then layer with cream and syrup until it looks right to you (or the glass fills up)!

    Mango-berry layered smoothie

    Love mangoes? Love berries? Well, prepare smoothies with these fruits separately and layer them up in a glass for a heavenly concoction to simultaneously satiate both your artistic and food-loving personas. You can also use fruits of your choice to make this drink. Our advice? Well, try a rainbow milk shake and bring your childhood artbook into the glass.

    Iced coffee

    Coffee is the wake-up drink for a majority of people around the globe. Add some fresh cream and vanilla essence to the blender while preparing coffee, and this shake will regularly feature in your dreams.

    Chocolate cookie shake

    Everybody loves milk and cookies, but it takes a genius of a lazy food lover to take away the effort of dunking the cookie in the milk. Just blend milk with cookies and sugar and welcome the drink of your dreams. Well, lazy people are geniuses in their own way.

    Avocado smoothie

    If only the rich, creamy taste of avocados was how everything else also tasted. So our goal is to avocado-ise everything that you can possibly eat. Blend a cup of yoghurt with half an avocado to uncover the Midas touch of the food world!

    Coffee and cream shake

    Chocolate in coffee? Looks like the work of Willy Wonka. Regardless, add cocoa powder and lots of ice cream to your next cup of coffee and amaze your friends with your ‘expert culinary skills’.

    Pineapple smoothie

    Yoghurt and pineapples churn to pineapple smoothie. Yes, it is that simple and effortless, and it sure gives a refreshing drink. If you want a more intricate taste, try adding some coconut shreds to make the only Pina Colada that you can have as much as you want of!

    Ice cream milkshake

    Blend your choice of ice cream with some milk and pour it in your favourite mug. Top it with more ice cream and fruits and you are set for your detour to Wonderland.

    Order the ingredients today and make these delicious smoothies yourself. You will be surprised to discover the hidden ‘talent’ in you!