• Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “My nationalism is as broad as my Swadeshi, I want India to rise so that the whole world may benefit.” The pandemic situation has certainly revived these thoughts and beliefs and as India bats for local products and their reach, Grofers is not only aligned in terms of the thought but also in terms of action.

    India’s initiative of “Vocal for local” is something that we just don’t speak of, but we also stand for. Partnering with local manufacturers from different domains is one of the many steps we have taken to empower them and thereby help in creating multiple employment opportunities.

    We at Grofers strongly believe that great quality doesn’t have to cost more. With 130 local manufacturers, spread in all 4 regions across multiple states, we get the finest quality products at honest and fair prices. 

    We deliver to 22 cities across the country, and while we do that, we also ensure to adopt mechanisms that help in cutting costs and enhancing profits for our local partners. In fact we provide comparable quality to national and international brands via our range of  homegrown brands like Grofers Mothers Choice (Aata , Pulses, Spices etc) , Grofers Happy Day ( Snacks , Biscuits , Beverages) , Grofers Happy Home (Cleaners, Kitchen items), Orange Something (Cosmetics,  Personal Grooming products)  and many more.

    While our products strongly spell the swadeshi intent, our plans play a greater role in ensuring that you get great quality products from us:

    1) Selection & onboarding of vendors:

     All manufacturers  need to qualify before the 1st production by ensuring compliance with stringent international quality standards & India’s own regulations.

     2) Regular auditing  of the production process: 

     Commercial batches produced at the manufacturing plants are verified by the quality team. Each product packed is subjected to physio -chemical, sensory and packaging checks. 

     3) Continuous monitoring :

    Continuous checks are implemented, where even empanelled vendors have to continuously comply with our quality processes & risk de-listing if they are not up to mark.

    While it’s our constant endeavour to bring the best of products to you,  with the unprecedented times of the pandemic hovering upon us, we have stepped up our warehouse operations with accurate hygiene and safety measures in accordance with the WHO guidelines. The measures have been implemented across manufacturing units,  warehouses & delivery fleet to control the spread of Coronavirus: 

    1) All personnel at manufacturing plants undergo thermal screening & are also checked for other COVID-19 symptoms, if any.

    2) Regular sanitisation of all manufacturing & warehouse locations.

    3) All personnel at manufacturing locations use PPE (facemasks, hairnet, gloves etc) to prevent transmission of germs.

    4) Even remote plant locations that are inaccessible due to lockdown are being monitored remotely by our trained quality teams.

    Over these 2.5 years, we have worked persistently to get the top quality products at a low cost for our consumers and as we speak,  about 5 million consumers have trusted our homegrown products. We take immense pride in the fact that Grofers Mother’s Choice has been accessed by over 2.5 million mothers and continues to be one of their favourites. Not just that , Grofers Brands continue their winning streak at the CMPL 2020 awards by bagging the maximum number of awards. CMPL is a platform for all stakeholders from the FMCG private label retail industry to engage under one roof.

    We have been consistently supporting the swadeshi intent. We have always believed in delivering happiness with the kind of work we do and the products we offer. It won’t be wrong to conclude that along with being vocal for local we are also being vocal about our Indian made products that come with pride.

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