• Last year on 15th August, we joined hands with the Robin Hood Army to help the underprivileged and achieve #Mission500k. While the whole country will be celebrating its 70th year of Independence, Robin Hood Army is set to achieve an even bigger mission i.e. #Mission1Million

    #Mission1Million is bringing together the private sector and civil society in a unique mission to serve 1 Million hungry citizens in India and Pakistan on the 14th and 15th August, 2017.

    Robin Hood Army works to get surplus food to the less fortunate sections of the society. There are approximately 230 million people in India and Pakistan who do not get even two square meals a day. #Mission1Million by the Robin Hood Army aims to help 1 Million lives on both sides of the border. And serving food is just a small part of this mission. Everyone has a story that they love to share, so go out, meet them and listen to their stories. We, at Grofers, are doing our bit and we ask you to join us in this mission.

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    To know more and be a part of the #Mission1Million, please visit: robinhoodarmy.com/mission1million/¬†and don’t forget to check out the video.


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