• Love ke side effects

    Love can be surprising. Especially when it is showered so unexpectedly. We at Grofers got a taste of that last night when we faced an outage between 8PM and Midnight. It was during the last few hours of the Housefull Sale and we had sent out a promotional message alerting users to the end of the sale. The response from our customers was just overwhelming as traffic surged over 4x the normal sale traffic at the time.

    Unfortunately, our services experienced a downtime of about 15 minutes as the backend auto scaled to meet the surge. While our services went down momentarily, our payment systems, specifically the systems handling Grofers Cash went down and the expiry time stamp for a lot of accounts’ Grofers Cash came back as immediate. This, in turn, triggered an erroneous message to more users that their Grofers Cash was about to expire. In a cascade effect, this made more users come to the platform and soon we were sitting at 8x traffic with more downtimes and more users getting erroneous text messages about their Grofers Cash. Getting all this? The net result was that we experienced downtime in our services between 8PM and midnight and a number of users saw wrong communication around their Grofers Cash. Although our systems are back to normal now, we would like to apologize for the inconvenience caused to you.

    If you were trying to check your cart out during the outage, last night, please feel free to try again now. Kindly be assured, it will work.

    While this was happening, some of our other users were also unable to see their Grofers Cash balances during this period – and some even got a message regarding the expiry of their Grofers Cash. We would like to assure all of you that your Grofers Cash balance is safe and should now be visible again in the Grofers Cash tab of the app.

    Furthermore, to make up for our bad reaction to requited love, we have extended all brand offers for 2 more days. All Housefull Sale brand offers, which are normally valid till the 5th of every month, will now be available till the 7th of November, 11:59:59 PM. We hope you will be able to complete your order and not miss out on your desired deals.

    Please accept our sincerest apologies regarding the outage and we pledge to be an even more reliable destination for grocery shopping. We continue to be the highest rated Grocery shopping app in India and hope you will continue to see us in that light for years to come.



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