• The clock struck 9:30 PM and it looked like anything but 9:30 PM in our office. Bubbling excitement, enthusiastic conversations and meticulous planning – this night saw it all. After all, it was ‘the night’, or more precisely, the ‘iPhone 6s delivery night’. For the first time ever in the country, iPhones were going to be delivered to customers’ doorsteps just moments after the India launch, and we were the ones pulling it off!

    So, we are a team of ambitious and imaginative people. When we think of summer holidays, we give out comic books to our customers. When we start dreaming about ice cream being delivered to our office, we launch it on our app. We even launched coffee delivery in a matter of hours when one of our customers expressed this wish to us!

    While the iPhone 6s midnight deliveries were going to be an addition to our tales of customer love, deep in our hearts we knew that there were many things to take care of.


    To make midnight delivery of the iPhone 6s a reality, we partnered with Reliance Digital and started working on a strategy to successfully execute the plan. The first challenge was ensuring that a maximum of our customers receive the colour of their choice, considering that the final confirmation on colour availability came out at 6 PM of 15th Oct itself. The next challenge was, not surprisingly, the delivery itself. All the teams involved were so excited that our corporate employees, including senior management decided to play delivery executives for the night. The plan was sealed and thus began the tale of India’s first midnight delivery of electronics, or to be more precise, iPhones!

    There were endless meetings, discussions, plans and negotiations, and finally the D-day arrived. At around 9:45 PM, everyone started heading out of office to the procurement centres. We were constantly in touch to keep each other updated and of course, a lot many pictures were shared along the way.


    Once the clock struck 12, we quickened our pace to get things rolling. Here is a quick snapshot of the flow of events that will explain things better:

    12:00 AM: iPhone 6s releases
    12:04 AM: Our team procures the first iPhone
    12:12 AM: The first iPhone 6s is delivered by Grofers in Chandigarh

    While the couple of hours following this delivery kept all of us on our toes, that feeling we experienced when we saw the faces of happy customers one after the other was absolutely priceless. Don’t believe us? Look at these happy faces!