• Before you purchase your beauty essentials this time, take a look at the things in your kitchen shelves. Confused? Well, there are a lot of magical products hiding in your kitchen, that can enhance your beauty naturally. Let us discover them with the list below.



    Honey is certainly the holy grail of natural beauty secrets, thanks to its magical antiseptic and anti-ageing properties. Apply it on your face as it is, or mix it with some cinnamon, lemon, avocado or aloe vera gel and give your skin a refreshing look.



    Want beautiful hair and skin? Say hello to cinnamon! Apply a honey-cinnamon mixture on your hair to add that enviable bounce to your locks, and use a banana-cinnamon pack for your face to rejuvenate your skin.



    Onions – they add flavour to almost all of the popular Indian curries. However, did you know that this vegetable can also treat several hair problems? While its benefits related to hair regrowth are well-known, its ability to repair gray hair is relatively underrated. So, just get some onion juice and massage it into your scalp and say hello to a thick black mane.



    This yellow spice that makes your food look appetizing has so much more hidden in its kitty. Mix it up with some gram flour and apply it on your skin for an instant glow.



    Treat your tan with tea! Take some tea bags and dip them in hot water. Apply the warm tea bags over the tanned area. Repeat a few times and then wash it off with cold water. Make this practice a regular one, and watch your tan disappear.

    So, try these beauty hacks now and watch the magic unfold!