• Though it might seem that our tech team has gone on an extended holiday (many of us silently wish this was possible) – the last 6 months have been the busiest we’ve had in terms of becoming a full-fledged technology driven retailer. Almost everyone was involved in a 3 month long research exercise which included user surveys, focus groups, in-person interviews with our customers (who nicely offered us refreshments & fruits they had recently ordered on Grofers!), and a lot of prototyping. We combined all of this with the plethora of user transaction data we already had, and as a wise man once said, “If you torture data long enough, it will reveal the truth”. And it surely did!

    When we started Grofers with the 90-minute promise, customers loved us for the speed of our deliveries. As we tried to improve upon our initial offerings, our research constantly pointed towards savings and assortment being valued as much if not more than quick deliveries. Being a customer centric company, we had to move and move quickly. This also meant moving away from a marketplace model, constrained by limited assortment and pricing, to an inventory led model – where these factors could be controlled. Back then we had less than 1,00,000 sq ft of warehousing space across all cities with an average stock of 1,500 products (fast moving) per city. Our warehousing team did an excellent job in scaling up space in a short span, just as our tech team in Bengaluru came up with some excellent warehousing tools (Read more about how we managed a delivery fulfilment of 99.8%).

    Chart 2 (1)

    With our warehousing structure in place, the category teams worked extremely hard to ensure we rapidly grew our assortment. Most of our warehouses now stock 5000+ unique products. With the stage all set, we now wanted to focus on our promise of lowest prices, not just on sales days, but everyday.

    Where does this tie into our latest app release? We’ve added features to make the customer experience better, more inclined towards displaying fast selling products at great prices. #Savingsforthewin

    1. Most popular offers & top selling products – summarized!

    React Native Widget

    2. Real time order updates with the contact details of delivery executive right on your home screen.

    Live Order Widget - ETA 

    3. How much did you save on ordering from Grofers? Find it on the Grofers app.  


    4. Instant support to your concerns & requests via in-app chat (P.S rolled out to only a handful users for now, but will be a full-scale roll out shortly!).

    In app Support

    5. Refunds? Unavailable items? Cashback queries? – Find everything in our new order detail page.   

    Item Missing

    We really hope you will enjoy using our new app as much as we enjoyed building it. If you have suggestions on what features you’d like to see on the app next, leave your comments here.

    Happy shopping!



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