• When you work in the world of design, everything around you is an inspiration for something bigger. However, one thing that separates designers from others is the artistic interpretation that the former can lend to seemingly mundane objects. This became the basis of our latest Instagram campaign ‘Grofers Twist’.

    We wanted to bring art and technology together to provide more than just products to our customers – we wanted to deliver experiences. Blog Therefore, we decided to add visual elements to seemingly mundane objects to give viewers a twist on reality. The team started brainstorming and realised just how close a chocolate bar can be to a keyboard and that a mouse kept on the desk can look like a puppy. Since every picture needs a great story, we sat together and wrote titles for the images too. Thus the ‘litchi’ image became the sweet sound of melody while the paperclip was titled ‘Fashion unclipped’. design team Today, the #GrofersTwist series is an ongoing series on Instagram with over a 100 posts already and guess what? It has got us a 71% increase in followers over there.

    So, have you ever imagined something artistic in the objects around you? Share it with us and we will feature it on our blog.