• Behind every great business is a team of hard-working people who will get things done no matter what it takes. These are the people who can easily be spotted passionately arguing about things, discussing ideas, paying attention to the minutest details, and even coming to work on a Sunday just because they cannot wait for one more day to finish something they are working on. These are the very people who make a business big – the team!

    Grofers turns 2 today and we couldn’t find a better way to celebrate than to ask some of our team members who’ve spent more than a year with us about their journey so far. Here’s what they had to say.

    Shubham Sudon

    From a small one-floor office to a six-floor office building and now a 55,000 sq.ft. office, my journey in Grofers has been a roller-coaster ride! My decision to join Grofers was very spontaneous and now I feel that it was the best decision that I could have taken. I have met extremely inspiring people like Albi, Saurabh and Rishi – people who I can look up to and learn from. It’s an amazing feeling to work with like-minded people, and to see a company you love grow in front of your own eyes.

    chairs 32
    I still remember the day when we processed over 600 orders and got our first ever promotion. That day, everyone including Albi, Saurabh and the tech team were helping process the orders. It felt like a great achievement, and it was a marvelous experience! It’s great to be a part of a company in which coming to work feels like coming to a place where all your friends are working together under one roof, and each day is filled with fun, laughter, memories and of course, new learnings. Thank you Grofers for this extraordinary journey and I hope that we get to celebrate many more birthdays together with the same love and enthusiasm as this one!

    Avichal Pandey

    To sum up my year in Grofers, I would say that it was a year well spent. I feel lucky that I’ve been a part of this journey. So far, we have moved at lightning speed to achieve as much as we could. The idea has always been to move fast, break trends, make a lot of mistakes and learn from them, and iterate over multiple versions of the product until the point where it cannot get any better.


    This has led us to come up with amazing products over the past one year and we are determined to deliver the best consumer experience in the coming years. Working with folks here has truly been an adrenaline rush. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and I enjoy every minute of it, every day.

    Prakash Singh

    While the rest of India was glued to their screens watching the India-Pakistan Cricket World Cup opener, my friend and I, reluctantly, set out to find ourselves a place to live near our first company. During the process of apartment hunting, we decided to visit our new office. It was our first job and we were excited to see where we would be working. It was our first visit to this part of Gurgaon, and after a lot of effort, we finally succeeded in finding the office. It was Sunday, and we were certain that we would find no one there, but we’d been summoned to reach office by 8 in the morning on Monday; so, we thought that a little homework would do us good. To our surprise, we found people working on their laptops and discussing ideas. We were welcomed politely. We sat down and started talking to the man who let us in. He asked us about our college life and how our interview experience was. He asked us which department we were to join, and I told him that my friend was joining the tech team and I will be joining the operations team.

    old office

    I was then introduced to a man lying on a mattress, watching the India-Pakistan match during a short break from work. I said hello to him, and as our conversation continued, I asked him which department he worked in. Just then, someone behind me tapped on my shoulder and said, “Tumne jin se unka department poocha, woh Grofers ke founder hain!
    (The man you just asked which department he works in, is the founder of Grofers!)

    Sahil Jadhav

    I feel very happy that we have successfully completed 2 years today. For me, it has been a roller-coaster ride! When Grofers decided to expand its presence beyond Delhi NCR, the first city chosen was Mumbai. I clearly remember that day – 9th September, 2014. My interview was taken by the founder, Saurabh Kumar, in a small 80 sq.ft. office and I was offered the role of a Station Manager. A random thought crossed my mind that day – in startups, things will not always be be the way you expect it to be. The very next day, I joined the office.


    I have seen Grofers grow from nothing to one of the giants in the hyper-local delivery space, and this feeling of seeing our company grow is overwhelming, and I feel proud that I too have contributed to this growth! In return, the company too has appreciated me with two promotions in single year. I have had the opportunity to head many verticals whenever there was a need, and have also helped the team to expand to new cities. It is very overwhelming that Grofers and its visionaries have believed in me and I hope to continue being an integral part of Grofers. I’ve tried my level best to give back whatever I can and I am grateful to all for the constant support! Happy birthday to us!

    Priya Choubey

    “Are you sure you want to work here?” to “Oh my God! You work here!” aptly sums up my Grofers journey. My mother accompanied me on my first day to our first office in Sector 18 and the former was her reaction on entering the office. It was a small humble office but was full of laughter and positive energy, and that is what hooked me to Grofers. The people and the work were enough to make me want to start my Grofers journey and I have been loving it ever since. My best memory of this journey is undoubtedly the day when we processed over 600 orders for the first time, and got our first promotions ever. At the end of the day, we were all extremely dazed, but we certainly couldn’t have asked for more!

    Grofers office

    Looking back, I feel that my Grofers experience had everything – fun, laughter, happy tears, friendship, learning and growth. Thank you Grofers, for being such a huge part of my life and giving me some of the best memories. Happy Birthday, Grofers and may we celebrate many more birthdays together!

    Surojit Mandal

    My journey with Grofers began on 17th May, 2014. I joined the company as a Human Resources executive. However, given that Grofers was a startup, it was very clear to me that I would have to look beyond my job role. Hence, I took ownership of handling operations along with our very motivating super bosses Saurabh & Albi. I still remember the days when we used to sit in a single 8ft x11ft room solving a new problem every day. From planning to executing to maintaining data to recruiting new people and training them, we did it all. It was a lot of fun when we used to go out to deliver products to our customers. Expanding to new cities was even more exciting – it was like opening your own work place, a truly empowering feeling. We talked to brokers, got the workplace fixed, got the infrastructure set up, recruited new people & kick-started operations! The experience was extremely fulfilling!


    Today, on Grofers’ 2nd birthday, it feels great to look back at the beginning. Leading a team of 15 members and supervising Central Delhi operations has really helped in my professional growth. I have gained a lot from here, and am happy to contribute valuably to the system. I hope to see Grofers reach the top in the coming days, months and years. Lastly, I would like to say that hard work is absolutely required to attain real happiness in life. Trust me on this one! 🙂