• Author: Albinder Dhindsa

    I know these last 10 months have been challenging for the whole country, and I hope we, at Grofers, were of help in keeping each other safe. While we initially struggled to maintain our systems as heavy demand put pressure on our merchant partners – we are extremely proud to have delivered groceries and delight to over 52 lakh Indian households through these tough times.  

    Now that we have a stronger grip on the systems, we figured it’s time we got back to our core mission – bringing joy to the lives of Indian consumers by making grocery shopping fun! 

    Lets face it, grocery shopping in its current shape and form is boring as h*ll! And we think it’s time it was more automated, less stressful, and way more fun. And that is what we try to achieve at Grofers, everyday. 

    We want our consumers to shift from passive consumption to active participation on our platforms.  When a consumer interacts with our platforms we want their experience to be finely crafted and precision engineered. And if there is a way to make shopping online more useful and enjoyable— it is to recreate the experience, not of checking off a list, but of discovering something the consumer needs. 

    We understand that consumers are now looking for meaningful and emotionally satisfying experiences, and are working to create experiences that are both – meaningful and memorable for them. As a part of consumer delight initiatives we launched INAAMS on Grofers in Jan 2020. So far 58 lakh families have won INAAMS valued at ₹67 crores. (GOBD Jan 2020 Winners)

    The premise of introducing these rewards is simple – everyone shops for groceries every month anyway. So how do we use the power of scale – of everyone shopping together online, to provide delight to as many consumers as possible? Enter, INAAMs!

    How can we give an INAAM with every order?

    • We work with a number of brand partners to help them reach millions of customers during our sale events. These companies also want to promote their new products and offerings to consumers. So, a free product in your cart is a gift from a friendly brand that wants some consideration from you.
    • In addition to the sponsored rewards, a few lucky customers also get large INAAMs sponsored by Grofers during every sale event. These include rewards like cars, bikes, washing machines, smartphones, microwave ovens and air fryers.
    • Over the last 12 months, we have given 10 cars, 30 scooters, 1,015 phones, 25,000 pressure cookers along with other INAAMs. We pass these benefits back to customers and we think it goes a long way in introducing fun into grocery shopping.

    Who wins INAAMS?

    • The winners of these rewards are based on a randomised algorithm. The concept of guaranteed INAAMS is in compliance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019. 
    • Every user shopping on the platform is eligible for every award – even those shopping for the very first time!

    For the families that get these rewards it’s a memorable experience, making grocery shopping rewarding. In addition – consumers also get access to the best prices, everyday! 
    Over 10 lakh INAAMS have already been won in the 2021 January GOBD event. You can read some of their testimonials below –

    We are stoked at the prospect of delivering joy to millions of Indian consumers and hope to have an opportunity to serve you soon too! From all of us at Grofers – have a rocking 2021 🙂

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