• Knock knock! The most exciting and unique festival of Holi is here! The festival is celebrated over two days. The evening before the main day is celebrated as the victory over evil, with the burning of an effigy of the demon Holika. This is accompanied by rituals and prayer. Then, the next day the fun part begins. 

    Holi is about playing pranks and throwing colours on friends, families and even enemies. It is all about the joy of love, friendship and brotherhood. It has incredible vibrancy and a wonderful exhibition of diverse hues. 

    The air is filled with cries of children having fun and even the adults become kids to play and enjoy. Water comes splashing from water balloons and water guns (pichkaris). People get drenched and cake each other’s faces in colors until they are unrecognizable. 

    In old days gulal color was extracted from natural elements but with the passage of time chemical color are used as alternatives. Today, very few people use herbal colors.But nothing should stop the fun of the occasion. A little preparation goes a long way in ensuring this. These are some precautions that you can take. 

    • Though there is a ritual to wear white for Holi but go for something that you don’t mind wasting. Wear full sleeves to cover maximum parts of the body.
    • On Holi, coconut oil is your best friend. Before you step out, make sure to oil not just your hair but also your face and neck. This will prevent your skin form the harmful effect of colors and also will counter the skin from absorbing color. Once you’re done playing Holi, the layer of oil will make sure that the colours come off easily. 
    • Lots of water is involved when you play Holi. This means there’s a good chance of puddles and slippery floors. Wear sturdy flip-flops with good friction. 
    • Make sure to close your eyes and mouth when you’re at the receiving end of the colours. Wearing large glasses to protect your eyes is also a good idea as it reduces the chances of eye infection. 
    • Electronics don’t go well with colours and water. So, to ensure your beloved phone and camera survive the day, leave them behind. It’s the perfect opportunity to disconnect and enjoy some screen-free time with family and friends.

    With these precautions your party will be undoubtedly a lot of fun. Enjoy the most colorful festival. Throw colours, distribute sweets, hug each other and spread the love! Wish you all a “Happy Holi”.

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