• “Good food is very often, even more often, simple food!”

    What makes a simple looking dhaba produce some mouth-watering cuisine? Dhabas keep it simple. They focus on the quality of the ingredients. A dhaba uses farm fresh vegetables which are not more than 24 hours old.

    Fact: By the time fruits and vegetables reach you from a sabziwala, from the time they leave a farm, they are 60 hours old.

    But Grofers promises to deliver fresh vegetables directly from the farms within 24 hours.

    Surprised? Let’s go through a short expedition of your favourite fruit and vegetable from a farm to your fridge.

    It starts in a farm, where experts, with over 20 years of experience, handpick fresh vegetables for you (For instance, from farms near Manchar for our customers in Mumbai & from farms near Panipat, Bakhtawarpur and Sonipat for Delhiites). The fresh vegetables are sent to Grofers quality center; where, in a span of less than 2 hours, a 5-step quality check is done and the veggies are packed within 3 hours of receiving it. This helps us deliver the freshest vegetables to you right from the harvest. The whole cycle takes 24 hours for fruits & vegetables to reach you.

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    Wondering how it is different from a conventional process cycle? The Grofers process eliminates a long chain of Mandi – Wholesaler – Middleman – Local vendors stretching over 60 hours. This elimination not only helps us to deliver the freshest quality directly from the farms, it also helps you to get it at the best prices in the market. 

    What’s the icing on this cake? Our country farmers get the right price for their efforts as we pay them directly at a fair price, higher than what they would get from middlemen.


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