• Today its officially 4 years of Grofers – on 27th December 2013, I registered the domain name grofers.com for Rs 499 and we started on the journey to becoming Grofers from onenumber.

    Over that time, we have obviously been through a lot – good and bad. I wanted to put some of that into perspective today as we pause before our next big push with Smart Bachat Club.

    What you see below are two of my favourite charts. The first one is fairly self-explanatory but carries a lot of meaning for me personally. During our period of intense struggle when it seemed like we were losing steam and nothing was working, I used to look at this chart in the hope that there will be a brighter day (and there was). The second one is our North Star metric that we all are very familiar with. It counts the number of users that are active on the platform in the last two weeks that we consider as loyal users.


    Image source


    Loyal Customer Count (2 week moving count)

    The reason I love the first chart is evident. The reason I love the loyal user chart is, firstly, it captures the highs and lows of our journey beautifully. This chart tells us when we were doing alright (maybe even when we thought we weren’t) and when we weren’t doing so well even though we thought we were. Secondly, the surge we have witnessed since our trough at beginning of this year fills me and Saurabh with optimism that we have a team that has the ability to go through a rough journey, stay together and thrive. It also is a big driver of hope for us that even in our toughest moments, doing the right thing can lead to better things.

    However, I hope that we always stay in the swamp of despair. It motivated us to look for a better, shinier future. It forced us to do things that we deeply felt uncomfortable doing and solving the really tough problems. If we can forever be looking for a better and bigger future, we will do just fine, as a company and as individuals.

    So, thanks to everyone at Grofers, past, and present, for gutting it out in the journey with us for all these years. I feel our company is defined by our quiet struggle to keep trying and do the really tough things – let us hope that the next year doesn’t disappoint with its challenges either.

    Happy Birthday Grofers and a Happy New Year to you all!


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