• “Joey’s favourite pizza? Two pizzas.”
    “What’s not to like? Custard good! Meat gooood! Jam! Goooooood!”
    “You threw my sandwich away! My sandwich!!”

    More than 10 years have passed by, but these dialogues are still fresh in our memories. Well, that’s F.R.I.E.N.D.S for you!

    While the recent buzz about the Friends reunion has got us all excited, and we’re all eagerly waiting for 21st February, let’s take a minute or two to recollect the best food moments of our favourite group.

    The One with Ross’ Thanksgiving sandwich

    “Her secret is a gravy-soaked bread in the middle. I call it the moist-maker.”

    Oh, Ross! No matter what everyone says, if we had an expert chef like Monica to cook a sandwich for us, we too would have fought the world for it!

    The One with Phoebe’s Cookies

    This highly-debated recipe from Nestle Tollhouse (or should we say Neslée Toulousé) tickled everyone’s funny bone. It may or may not have made Monica the mom who made the best cookies, but it sure makes us want to fill a bowl with lots of cookies and watch the episode over and over again, especially the part in which Phoebe talks to her grandma in hell!

    The One with Rachel’s Trifle

    While in this episode, a small mistake led to a major goof-up that Ross claimed to be ‘tasting like feet’, we request you to not add meat to your trifle. Not everyone has a friend like Joey who finds a dish delicious because each of its ingredient is delicious in itself.

    The One with Monica’s Candies

    Could the holiday season BE any better than with a chef like Monica making candies for her neighbours? All hail the Candy Lady!

    The One with Joey’s Endangered Sandwich

    While Ross sure fought battles for his sandwich, Joey’s ‘selfless’ gesture to save the ‘life’ of his marinara meatball sandwich surely makes him a true savoury-saviour!

    The One with Rachel’s Ring in the Lasagna

    “Oh! We are having spaghetti! That’s…easy!”

    While Rachel’s ring surely upset Monica, it got Joey an entire lasagna just for himself and brought another ‘Monica-special’ on the table during her parents’ visit. All’s well that ends well.

    The One with Chandler’s Thanksgiving

    While holidays are awesome, it was not really so for Mrs. Chanandler Bong, or was it? With his parents’ divorce memories it looked like Chandler was having a hard time, but then, what are friends for? The delicious cheese sandwiches and chips set the holiday mood just right, and the ‘make-a-wish-as-you-share-a-sandwich’ thing was the icing on the holiday cake.

    The One with the Cheesecake

    “Oh! Yay! Look! There’s a piece that doesn’t have floor on it!”

    Ah well, it’s a cheesecake, people! No judgements. It would have perished had our bravehearts tried to return it (which they tried to do), so Rachel and Chandler sure did the right thing. Also, no matter what people say, the five-second rule is not that bad!

    The One with Monica’s Jam

    While the terrible breakup got Mon all upset for sure, it got Joey a good enough dose of jam as well as a flashback of his movie outings as a kid when his mom left him with a jar of jam and a little spoon.

    All the ones with Joey’s food

    “You hung up on the pizza place. I don’t hang up on your friends!”

    Joey’s relationship with his food is stronger than most people’s relationships with their better halves. After all, he saves his food’s life (read above), he goes to movies with them and most importantly, he shares all of his happiness and grief with his food. 🙂

    So, order from Grofers now and prepare your favourite Friends-ey meal with the perfect ‘plan laugh’! Haha-hohoho (easy there, you are not an elf yet :P)