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Become a part of the fastest growing e-commerce revolution in India

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Sharing the journey of integrating React Native into one of India’s largest e-commerce grocery’s web and mobile apps

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Here’s what the recent regulatory changes mean for our Visa card customers

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Skills can be learnt, but in the end, it’s the people factor that can make you grow or fall

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Even the best intentions fail to do the job when the copy is terrible :)

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Skill sets in our team range from software development to design to data to research, and everyone shares their learnings

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Being part of the Devops team, you get to build platforms and services for developers but that’s not all

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Some of the steps we have taken towards building a more supportive, inclusive and diverse workplace

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The primary reason for not learning anything has a lot to do with — not having permission to fail

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Building tech is not just about building awesome systems but building a sustainable business as well