• When the pin drop silence at night gets disrupted by the noise of your growling stomach and the nocturnal owl in you wakes up to midnight hunger; your Stomach doesn’t get the memo that it’s time to sleep and not the time to eat. Trust us, the growl in our stomach makes us binge on just about anything available in the kitchen. And, eating just about anything unconsciously leads to intake of more calories and bulging weight gain. Don’t worry, we’ve a yummy recipe to beat your midnight hunger pangs without much calorie intake. 

    This week, we’ll take you through a new recipe from Recipe by Grofers, an exclusive platform with the collection of yummy recipes with the facility of buying ingredients online from Grofers with a single click. Not only this, you’ll find proper instructions to guide you through the recipe preparation.

     Strawberry Swing – Made with delectable and succulent strawberries, this beverage is packed with essential nutrients and amazing flavours to beat your midnight hunger. 

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    strawberry blog

    If you like yourself being called a night owl and struggle with midnight hunger pangs, check out the list of 5 deliciously healthy midnight meals collated by us, just for you!

     1. Nice Cream – Does the name of the recipe baffle you? Well, replace and make your own absolutely delicious nice cream. This is a total non-fuss and quick to make a recipe for your midnight sugar rush. Try this out tonight!

     2. Grilled Apple Peanut Butter Sandwich – “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”. But an apple along with peanut butter would definitely keep your midnight hunger at bay. You have got to try this out to find out how it works for your midnight cravings instantly.


     3. Egg Omelette in a mug – Omelette in a mug? Most definitely! When the midnight craving hits your stomach, the last thing you would want to do is, put efforts. This easy peasy recipe is loaded with health benefits and makes peace with your growling tummy in a jiffy.

     4. Fruit and Nut Trail Mix – Get an instant boost of energy with a bowl of dry fruits and nuts with a pinch of salt. Adding fresh cut juicy fruits won’t be a bad idea. A must try recipe to curb rumbling sound of your stomach.

    Fruits and nuts trail mix

    Courtesy: foodandwine.com

     5. Corn potato open toast – Yummy, healthy and unbelievably easy to cook are good enough adjectives for this recipe. Don’t trust us? Try it out tonight and relish the delectable flavour at wee hours of the night.


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