Albinder Dhindsa | June 18, 2021 | 3 mins read

Thanks, SK, for being an inspiration to so many of us and for making grofers a dream come true

Satyam Krishna | June 15, 2021 | 7 mins read

Let's look at the components required for building such a Jupyter notebook-centric data platform

Vaidik Kapoor | June 10, 2021 | 10 mins read

How we use a Kubernetes native workflow using our in-house ConsulKV CRD to manage key-values in Consul

Vishesh Jindal | June 8, 2021 | 4 mins read

One of the prominent contributors to our AWS costs was the data transfer of our internal Docker registry

PR Team | May 26, 2021 | 2 mins read

We are looking for spirited individuals who wish to run their own omni-channel retail supermarkets in India

Albinder Dhindsa | May 14, 2021 | 4 mins read

The concept of sustainability entails that we live and work in the present in a manner that does not jeopardise the future

PR Team | May 12, 2021 | 1 min read

Presenting a collection of topical articles, interesting stories, easy recipes, entertaining puzzles, art and useful tips

Albinder Dhindsa | May 11, 2021 | 2 mins read

We are excited for what this chapter signifies, and hope you will love our new logo as much as we do

Ashish Gambhir | May 10, 2021 | 6 mins read

A walk through how we integrated React Native into their existing native apps for others to take informed decision

PR Team | May 5, 2021 | 4 mins read

Here's why we believe we are in a unique position to help local businesses in India adapt to the ongoing pandemic